Acne Treatments

Acne Consultation – 45 minutes – $50

Find out your skin type, the current condition it is in and what kind of acne you have. I will explain how my treatments work and how to properly use the acne products to insure your success to keeping your acne in control.  Will discuss lifestyle choices that effect your skin such as diet, stress, sleep, etc…  . You will also take home a folder of information of everything that is discussed during the consultation.  If needed, we will discuss products and medications you have used in the past and why they have failed.

Acne Treatment – 50 minutes – $75

All acne treatments have a specific focus on what your skin needs at the time of your visit.

Treatments include:

Exfoliation – removes dead skin build-up which allows better product penetration

Extractions – removes as much of the acne impactions that are ready which will help in healing

Treatment to fight the bacteria inside the pores

Hydration – acne products tend to dry out your skin so proper hydration is necessary

It typically takes about six treatments (seeing me every two weeks) over a three-month period of time to get you mostly to completely clear; significant results will be seen within six weeks. After your acne is under control, you have to maintain your home-care regimen to keep your acne managed. Many clients come in for a tune up acne treatment every few months just to keep their skin as healthy as possible.

Acne Treatment w/ Blue LED Light Therapy Treatment – 70 minutes – $100

This treatment will include everything listed above under Acne Treatment plus a 20minute LED therapy session.

Acne Consultation and Treatment – 90 minutes – $100

Series of 3 treatments – $200* ($25 savings)*does not include LED treatment

Add-on for back and/or chest treatment – $50

Expect to pay approximately $130.00 for your first set of acne products at your first appointment. This will typically cover the first three months of product use.

Truly Teen- 45 minutes – $65

This treatment is customized addressing the special needs for teens. Includes a deep pore cleanse, steam, purifying mask, and extractions.

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