Acne Treatments

Acne treatments are a little different than traditional facials. Whether it is for the face, back or chest the focus is on extractions or getting rid of acne impactions(blackheads/ whiteheads) in the skin. Depending on the condition of your skin at the time of treatment we will determine if a hydrating or exfoliating treatment is best.

Your first appointment with me will go something like this:

  1. We go over the information on your questionnaire so that I know what products you have used, medications you have been on, and any allergies and sensitivities you may have.
  2. We discuss any lifestyle conditions that could be contributing to your acne. After going over it, I give you the packet of information to take home so you can refer to it anytime.
  3. I analyze your skin to determine your skin type and specific kind of acne you have. I will test different types of exfoliants to see how sensitive your skin is to specific skin care products. You will be given recommendations for your home-care regimen based on this information.
  4. Acne treatment (if receiving a treatment during your first visit).
  5. I then go over your home care regimen step-by-step to make sure you thoroughly understand how to use your skin care products at home. This is key to your success.
  6. I will plan to call you in about a week to see how you’re doing. I will ask you to call me right away if you are not sure you’re doing your routine right or the skin care products don’t feel right. Strong communication is key to getting you clear as quickly as possible. I want to hear from you.
  7. I will need to see you every two weeks until you are mostly clear (typically 4 to 6 visits). During this time, changes in your routine will be made to keep ahead of the adaptation process. Once you are mostly clear, I may see you periodically until you can stay clear with your home-care routine.

We proudly offer the following acne treatments:

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